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Jimple is an AI-powered AAC platform is designed to help you communicate and express yourself effortlessly.

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What is Jimple?
It's simple. Jimple is an Augmented Assisted Communication (AAC) platform that leverages AI to supercharge communication.


With Jimple, users can express themselves with greater ease and precision, while family and community members can communicate with them more effectively than ever before.


Our platform learns and adapts to each user's unique communication style, providing a more personalized and nuanced conversation experience.


With context-aware AI technology, users can enjoy a more natural and organic conversational flow, making communication more intuitive and enjoyable for everyone.

Proactive coming soon

Jimple acts as your personal call agent, making real phone calls to speak with people and complete tasks on your behalf, streamlining your communication and productivity.

About Jimple
At Jimple, we are passionate about empowering individuals facing communication challenges to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with ease and precision. We understand the immense hurdles they encounter every day and are committed to breaking down communication barriers through our AI-driven visual communication platform.

Our platform is more than just a tool - it's a gateway to inclusivity and a more connected world. With Jimple, users can express themselves in their unique way, and family and community members can engage with them on a more profound level than ever before.

We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and understood, and that's why we've created a platform that learns and adapts to each user's communication style. Our context-aware AI technology provides a more natural and organic conversational flow, making communication more intuitive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

At Jimple, we're not just changing the way people communicate - we're changing lives. Join us in our mission to promote inclusivity and empower individuals facing communication challenges to reach their full potential.

For parents and carers

Our platform and company are dedicated to providing more than just a communication product. We're committed to ensuring that your loved one feels supported, safe, and independent. With our solution, you can find peace of mind knowing that your family member can function effectively and autonomously, fostering a sense of security and confidence for both parents and users alike.

We understand the challenges individuals and their caregivers face when navigating communication difficulties. That's why we're here to offer peace of mind and empower individuals of all ages to communicate with confidence and independence.

Peace of mind

With Jimple, you can rest assured knowing that you or your loved one has access to a powerful AI-driven communication platform designed to meet their unique needs. Our user-friendly interface and customizable features make communication accessible and enjoyable for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Promoting independence

We believe in the importance of fostering independence in individuals with communication difficulties. Jimple provides the tools and support you need to express yourself effectively and interact with the world around you on your own terms. From basic communication to complex interactions, our platform helps you build vital skills for independence and self-expression.

Creating inclusive communications

Communication is key to building connections and fostering inclusion. With Jimple, we're committed to creating more inclusive communication environments where every person's voice is heard and valued. Our platform promotes diversity, understanding, and acceptance, helping to bridge the gap between individuals with and without communication difficulties.

What our community is saying
"Jimple is as simple as it sounds... This gamechanger app has and is turning our worlds upside down and all around, and in the best kind of way."
"The app is visually stimulating, easy to navigate, and the features are endless. It truly achieves the only ever goal we set for our son, independence! Thank you!"
"My son Archer has now been given a superpower! With one touch of a button the sentences flow and he is free to communicate with family and friends, and more importantly, in real-time."
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